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since 1973



What we do...

LeaseLine Nationalease, a Hubb Co. - serving the transportation industry since 1973 - is a family owned and operated Full Service Lease provider.  As a member of Nationalease, we offer access to over 600 member locations nationwide.  With our Corporate Headquarters in North Brunswick, NJ; we offer "personal" service with a national presence.  In today's ever changing equipment environment - from emission regulations to computer controlled engines and transmissions - it is imperative that companies that operate commercial vehicles be on the cutting edge.  A Full Service Lease gives you an opportunity operate new, well maintained equipment from the experts at LeaseLine Nationalease.  

What we offer...
    • Full Service Lease
    • Rentals - Daily, Weekly, Monthly
    • Guaranteed Maintenance
    • Contract Maintenance

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    LeaseLine is synonymous with service - period.  Our highly skilled and trained service staff are considered the class of the industry.  Whether it is a scheduled preventative maintenance service, an unscheduled repair or emergency road service - LeaseLine responds.  In addition to Full Service Lease, LeaseLine also offers Guaranteed Maintenance (for new equipment) and Contract Maintenance (on any equipment).  Proper care and maintenance not only extends the life of a vehicle; it also promotes a "cleaner" image of your organization.  For vehicles that you own; it can increase the resale value of the vehicle when you dispose of the unit - trucks and trailers that have comprehensive maintenance histories command higher value in the market.

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    Have you ever wanted access to a well maintained pre-owned (well, pre-leased, in this instance) commercial vehicle - vans, straight trucks, tractors or trailers?  If you said "Yes" - then look no further.  At the end of the lease term, LeaseLine carefully selects the vehicles that will be re-marketed.  The units are brought into "trade package condition", and then offered to the market at extremely competitive pricing.  The beautiful thing about buying a truck from a leasing company, is that you have access to all of the maintenance records - you know exactly how that vehicle performed while it was on lease to one of quality client accounts.  It takes of the worry and guess work out of your decision on whether to buy or not.

    What we offer...

    Sleeper Cabs
    Yard Trucks
    Straight Trucks
    Day Cabs